Energy Star Benchmarking

Energy Star Benchmarking isn’t just a fancy term to put on your website to sound environmentally conscious.  It is important because it helps you save a lot of money on your commercial and residential HVAC systems.  When you own, manage, or rent a building, it’s important that all of your systems operate at peak efficiency in order to help you run your building profitably.

MillerHVAC is a United States Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star partner providing Energy Benchmarking services to improve your bottom line by helping you achieve both energy and financial savings. Today’s buildings are more sophisticated, with technology and materials that need to be closely managed and properly maintained.

MillerHVAC has over 60 years experience in the field, has been an energy star partner since 2006, and has personnel trained and qualified to provide Energy Star Benchmarking to our valued New Jersey residential HVAC and commercial HVAC clientele.

Energy Star Benchmarking is a management tool that analyzes your building’s current energy efficiency and consumption by conducting a comprehensive analysis of building equipment, studying current energy use, and collecting data from past energy consumption.

Energy Star Benchmarking is important because you can’t manage what you don’t measure. Miller HVAC’s Energy Star Benchmarking is a key first step for your building to achieve an Energy Star by understanding and reducing energy consumption and your building’s carbon footprint.

Energy Benchmarking allows you to: 

  • Strategically manage energy use of a facility
  • Improve energy performance
  • Identify under-performing sections of buildings
  • Target building improvements
  • Nationally rank a facility against others
  • Lower operating costs
  • Receive EPA recognition or an Energy Star

MillerHVAC provides Energy Star Benchmarking for the following types of buildings and facilities:

  • Office Buildings and Professional Parks
  • Factories and Manufacturing Facilities
  • Warehouses and Storage Facilities
  • Schools and Education Centers
  • Churches and Synagogues
  • Municipal Housing Developments
  • High-Rise Condominiums and Multi-Family Buildings
  • Hotels, Motels, and B&Bs
  • Municipalities and Government Buildings
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • And more…

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We have been providing commercial HVAC solutions in New Jersey for over 60 years, specifically in Monmouth County and along the Jersey Shore.  We also service Ocean County, Middlesex County, and most of New Jersey.

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