Miller HVAC History

Our company was established in 1945 after founder and honorable Navy veteran Irven Bob Miller brought his diversified experience in the mechanical service field from ship to shore. Having repaired steam ship propulsion systems, and performed underwater welding to repair ships while at sea, Mr. Miller realized he could use his expertise on residential HVAC equipment, which used similar technological methods to transfer steam.

In 1952, Mr. Miller received a degree in Advance Oil Heating from the Boston School of Advance Heating Training, further expanding his knowledge in pressurized oil burner systems and distinguishing him as the boiler specialist to call to keep warm in and around Long Branch, New Jersey. From here grew I.B Miller, Inc., a recognized leader in the mechanical contracting industry, known today as MillerHVAC.

Over the course of the next few decades as the demand to switch from coal fired to fuel oil fired heating systems increased, and air conditioning became popular in residential and commercial buildings, MillerHVAC’s team expanded to include engineers, installers, and service technicians. Their wealth of education and advanced training in the industry has enabled the company to perform a wide variety of heating, cooling, and ventilating services in homes and the commercial industry including schools, factories, hotels, and high-rise condominiums.

MillerHVAC’s most notable projects throughout the years have been its energy-efficient retrofits and replacement services for public municipalities and private corporations in the Jersey Shore area. This includes its extensive work at the Wall Waste Water Treatment Plant converting three boilers from oil fired to sewer gas and natural gas fired burners, as well as the replacement of outdated boilers at Belmar Housing Authority’s Belmar Plaza Apartments and the cooling tower at the Ocean Place Resort and Spa in Long Branch.

From this humble past to our flourishing present, integrity, professionalism, and dedication to exceeding the expectations of our clients remain the foundation of our success.